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Catch Spearmint

Catch Spearmint White Portion Mini

CHF 3.30 CHF 31.00 / 10 pcs
XR Catch Mint

XR Catch Mint White Portion Slim

CHF 3.50 CHF 30.00 / 10 pcs
Catch Eucalyptus

Catch Eucalyptus White Portion

CHF 3.80 CHF 35.00 / 10 pcs
Catch Licorice

Catch Licorice White Portion

CHF 3.80 CHF 35.00 / 10 pcs


Before we launched Catch Licorice in 1984, all snus had a distinct tobacco taste. While brands such as General and Göteborgs Rapé feature flavor profiles with notes of fruit, herbs and citrus oils, tobacco is always at the heart of the taste experience. Catch offers the opposite. With a distinct taste of mint, licorice or eucalyptus, each product in the Catch family has a unique flavor profile.

Four types of snus in four different flavors

More than 30 years after its launch, Catch is now available in a moister Original portion, a drier White portion and the even drier Dry format. Catch Dry is similar in feel to White Mini, but while the portion size is the same, the moisture content is kept as low as possible to create a Portion snus with minimal drip.

For customers looking for a snus in our Slim Large format that offers longer-lasting flavor and less drip than an original White Portion from Swedish Match, we also offer XR Catch Mint, which is a part of our XRANGE series.