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Nick & Johnny

Nick & Johnny Green Ice

Nick & Johnny Green Ice White Portion Slim

CHF 2.99 CHF 13.99 / 5 pcs

Challenging the traditional idea of snus

When Nick & Johnny was launched in Norway in 2006, we wanted to change the idea of how snus was supposed to look and feel. You won’t find some of these flavors, like cinnamon and chili, in any of our other brands.

Six products, all with high nicotine levels

If you’re looking for a snus in a moister original portion, try Nick & Johnny Original Portion, Americana, Red Hot and Crushed Ice. The first has a richer tobacco character, while Americana has distinct notes of cherry and almond. Red Hot is a spicy snus, with a taste of cinnamon, cloves and chili. Crushed Ice is the only original portion in our entire range with a distinct mint flavor.

If you enjoy a white portion with a mint flavor, you might also like Crushed Ice. If you prefer a snus with a distinct spearmint flavor, you might also like Green Ice, the only snus in the Nick & Johnny family in our Slim format.