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Onico White Mini

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CHF 3.30
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CHF 31.00 (3.10 CHF/can)
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A mellow tobacco-like taste with distinct notes of bergamot, along with green herbs. A small pouch that is dry on the surface with a moist content for a low salivation and a lasting flavour release.


Brand Onico
Strength Nicotine free
Type White Portion
Format Mini


Nicotine Content 0 %
pH 8.7
Moisture content 43.3 %
Snus weight/can 10 g
Weight/portion 0.5 g
Portions/can 20
Shelf life


Ingredients: water, plant fibers, humectants (glycerin, propylene glycol), salt, preservative (sodium lactate), pH adjusters (magnesium carbonate, sodium carbonate), natural and artificial flavors including artificial smoke flavor, caramel color, ammonium chloride.
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