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We regret that you have received a product that doesn’t meet your expectations. We have high product standards in order to always achieve the highest quality. We are therefore grateful for contacting us whenever you’re not satisfied with the product you purchased.

The right of complaint only includes faults at delivery and not faults that occurred for instance due to the product’s expired shelf life or due to its normal wear and tear. You can find our entire complaint policy here.

Complaining about snus

If you want to complain about snus from Swedish Match, the easiest way is to do it here on our website. Please use the link below to fill in all the product data we need to accept your complaint:

Complain about Snus

We kindly ask you to fill in the product data as complete as possible and attach (if possible) a picture of the product errors. All information on the packaging is needed for us to easily track possible errors.

After having finished the complaint, we kindly ask you to store the can and its contents until we get back to you. Certain errors (for instance smell and taste) require that you send in the product to us so we can compensate you for your expenses. If you have ordered the snus online at, we can send a return slip to your address.

If you cannot use the links above to file complaints about snus, you can contact us at In that case we kindly ask you to attach a clear picture of the product error and a clear picture of the back of the can (where you can find the product’s date tag and barcode). You can also contact us by phone at +46 0200-113 114 and we will assist you.

Transport damages

In order for issues regarding transport damages to be resolved as quickly as possible, we kindly ask you to keep the product packaging for inspection. In order to be able to return products you also need to prove your purchase from The Website, for instance through the order confirmation or receipt Swedish Match sent to the e-mail address you provided in connection with your purchase. Once we receive your return, we will send you a confirmation via e-mail.

Right of withdrawal and returns

When shopping online as a consumer, as a general rule you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days according to the Swedish Distance Contracts and Contracts outside Business Premises Law (2005:59). The right of withdrawal, however, does not apply to the purchase of snus or Lutschtabak, as these products are perishable goods with a limited shelf life.

Return of discounted products

For purchases that contain promotional gifts or special discounts, the value of the promotional gift or discount is seen as a general discount on the total amount of the purchase. If a part of the purchase is changed and/or returned, returned products are valued at their purchase price minus their relative share of the general discount. In case a product is changed, no conversion of the original basis for the discount or promotional gift is made.

Promotions or offerings of such promotional gifts or special discounts are only available for new purchases via The Website and can’t be obtained retroactively. A promotional gift or a discount cannot be transferred to other purchases and cannot be credited when changing a product.

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