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Please note that through buying snus at you as a consumer privately import snus from our factory in Gothenburg (Sweden) to Switzerland. Through the website Swedish Match exclusively delivers to addresses in Switzerland.

As a private individual it is allowed to import up to 1.2 kg of snus for personal use to Switzerland every two months.

Ordinary order

Use our search function or go to Buy snus to find the products you wish to purchase. You can buy everything from a single snus can up to a whole 10-pack with 10 cans in the same order. After clicking on “add to shopping cart” you can find the checkout in the upper right corner of the website.

Choose delivery method

The first step in the checkout is to choose how you want to get your products delivered. At we currently offer two different delivery methods.

Delivery to your mailbox:

The cheapest shipping method we offer is delivery to your mailbox. We ship the snus with regular mail from the Swedish PostNord (see from our factory, which Swiss Post (see then takes over in Switzerland and delivers to your mailbox.

  • For a shipping through the mail we can deliver a maximum of 10 cans per order.
  • Shipping costs are automatically calculated at the checkout, depending on what your total delivery weights.

A mail delivery takes between 3 to 5 work days.

Home delivery with UPS (Standard & Express):

To get your snus as quickly as possible with the option to track your order, we also offer home delivery with UPS Standard and UPS Express, which will have your package delivered directly to your doorstep from our factory in Sweden.

  • For the home delivery with UPS you can order up to 100 cans at once.
  • When placing your order, you will get an e-mail from UPS with the tracking number and a link where you can track your order and see the expected delivery date.
  • UPS will make three delivery attempts: If you’re not available at the first attempt, UPS will try again twice. With the previously mentioned link and your tracking number you can change your delivery address between the three attempts for free.
  • Shipping costs are automatically calculated at the checkout, depending on the weight of your total order.

Delivery time with UPS Express is around 1-3 work days.
Delivery time with UPS Standard is around 4-6 work days

Unredeemed package/shipment

A package shipped with UPS will be sent back to Swedish Match if you have not been able to redeem it in one of the three delivery attempts to your address. If that happens, you will be charged CHF 33 attributable to the administration, shipping, return shipping, and handling by Swedish Match. Unredeemed packages are usually not seen as an exercise of your rights of return.

Read our complete delivery policy here

Choose payment method

After having chosen your delivery method, you will have to choose how to pay for the snus and shipping. We currently only accept payments with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. When finishing your order you will be redirected to our payment partner DIBS, where you can complete your purchase with the chosen payment method.

Payment of additional costs (customs, vat, and tobacco tax) 

Placing an order on is classified as a private import of snus from Sweden to Switzerland. When importing snus from Sweden to Switzerland, it is subject to special fees related to customs, VAT, and tobacco tax. Because of these fees, we can’t guarantee the final price of your order at the time of purchase. These fees are calculated by the Swiss authorities and charged to you as consumer before you can receive your package.

If you choose delivery with mail you may get an invoice from Swiss Post related to the charges of customs, VAT, and tobacco tax.

If you choose the home delivery UPS (Standard and Express), you may get an invoice via e-mail for the costs related to customs, VAT, and tobacco tax. That invoice will be sent to the same e-mail address you used for your online payment. UPS will only deliver your package after you have paid the invoice.

We want to be as clear and transparent as possible about what your final total order costs may amount to. At the checkout, we thus present calculations of the extra charges for customs, VAT, and tobacco tax that may be affecting the total price of your Swedish Match delivery including shipping. This, however, is just an estimate and Swedish Match can’t guarantee that our calculations are correct. The final fees are calculated and collected by the Swiss authorities. 

Read our complete payment policy here.

My Account

Register an account at to get quicker access to your order history and receipts and to make future orders simpler. With an account at you can do the following on My Page:

  • Change your personal data: On the tab “settings” you can change your personal data (name, phone number, and e-mail address), your password, and your delivery address. If you’re logged in when placing your order, all this information will be filled in automatically at the checkout.
  • Review your previous orders: See details from your previous purchases with the possibility to add the same products to your shopping cart again.

If you do not want to create an account, you can also shop at without it.

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