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– The highest Swiss court has ruled that the snus ban in Switzerland is unconstitutional. The ruling is a victory for common sense. It determines that legislation must be based on facts and science. Cigarette smokers in Switzerland will now have access to a less hazardous alternative to cigarettes.

The court ruling says that Swedish snus is less hazardous than other tobacco products allowed on the Swiss market. A ban on snus, but not on cigarettes and other tobacco products, is therefore discriminating and lacks judicial ground. As a stimulant, snus cannot be considered to pose an immediate or unexpected risk to health. Considering the above and also out of consideration for foreign trade relations, the court ruling declares that snus should be allowed to sell on the Swiss market. 

Well done!

– The ruling is a victory for common sense, legislation based on facts and last but not least, for all the cigarette smokers in Switzerland – who will now be able to have access to a much less hazardous alternative to cigarettes, says Patrik Hildingsson, Vice President Communications & Public Affairs at Swedish Match.

Swedish Match will re-launch our snus products in the Swiss market within short and until then there is no longer a maximum limit of how much you are allowed to purchase as a customer (previously 1,2kg). 

Celebrate with us and enjoy 25% off our entire Swedish Match assortment until 30/6 2019.


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