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G.4 – redefining white

G.4 is the new generation of snus - a modern alternative for adult nicotine and tobacco users.

With G.4 you can enjoy a smoke-free nicotine experience:


The only question is… Do you dare?

All White, all fresh and always available

G.4 is an All White snus before, during, and after use. The slim pouches have a soft fit and quickly deliver a long-lasting nicotine and flavour experience. G.4 does not taste of tobacco but comes with a variety of tasty, refreshing flavours.

Using G.4 is convenient and discreet, anytime and anywhere. Indoors or outside. On the bus, during a meeting or at home on the couch.

In it for the kick

G.4 is the 4th generation of snus from General and the latest step towards the snus of the future. The new technology allows for the flavour to set in more quickly and last longer. If you seek the superstrong experience along with a cooling-feeling - try G.4 Cryo or G.4 Deep Freeze.

G.4 Cryo has distinct notes of peppermint and eucalyptus along with hints of vanilla. G.4 Deep Freeze has distinct notes of eucalyptus and menthol. Both are strength 5 - our highest strength available.

How to use

Using G.4 is easy:

Simply open the can, grab one pouch and place it under your upper lip. Soon you will feel an instant, but long-lasting kick. Taste the refreshing flavours and experience the cooling-effect.





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