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G.3 VOLT is Swedish Match’s strongest snus. A Slim Portion snus, packed with 30% more nicotine than G.3 Extra Strong and offering 20% less drip. 

The portion comes in our discrete Slim Dry White format, which offers 20% less drip than the G.3 Slim White Portion. With a combination of peppermint flavor, 30% more nicotine and 20% less drip, this snus delivers a long-lasting burning effect in the form of a stinging, “biting under-the-lip” sensation. G.3 VOLT Super Strong is a powerful snus, even for experienced strong-snus users.   

Our GOTHIATEK quality standard guarantees that Swedish Match maintains uncompromising quality through our unique expertise and control at every stage – from tobacco seed to finished can. G.3 VOLT Super Strong meets all GOTHIATEK requirements and the low moisture content makes the snus significantly drier and offers less drip than G.3 Slim White, thereby allowing for an even higher nicotine strength. G.3 VOLT Super Strong delivers a super-strong snus experience.

Buy and learn more about G.3 VOLT here

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