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GOTHIATEK’s first cornerstone addresses consumer care. The potentially negative health effects of snus are minimized through uniquely low values for certain undesirable substances in Swedish Match’s snus. These substances may exist in or be formed by nature, and may be found in most cultivated crops. Every year, we generate more than 300,000 analysis results in our laboratory to ensure that the values we have set are never exceeded. This means 1,000 analysis results every workday.

GOTHIATEK has tougher demands than government authorities

The Swedish authorities have demands regarding a few undesirable substances in snus. We feel that this is not enough. Consequently, Swedish Match has via GOTHIATEK defined maximum approved levels of yet even more undesirable substances. This means we go further than the Swedish food legislation in our product safety standards for our snus.

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines and benzo(a)pryene are toxicants that we have concentrated on in our quality agenda since the 1990s. The graphs below illustrate how the quantities of tobacco-specific nitrosamines, NNN and NNK, and Benzo(a)pryene (B(a)P) in our snus have gradually declined. These are well below the WHO’s recommended values for tobacco and the National Food Agency in Sweden’s values for snus. Our snus showed these low levels well before the WHO’s recommendations were published in 2010.

The values in the graphs below are calculated on dry samples.

Levels of B(a)P in Swedish Match Snus

Levels of TSNA in Swedish Match Snus

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