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GOTHIATEK’s second pillar means that we only work with selected growers and selected types of tobacco. The soil must have the correct conditions if the harvest is to reach the right quality. After the tobacco is harvested, it must be handled with great care. We follow a meticulous production process in which every stage is monitored and analyzed to guarantee that we supply safe, premium-quality snus to our consumers.

Raw material specifications

The type of tobacco and growing area chosen determine the flavor of the snus. The soil, the location and conditions for cultivation all affect how snus ripens, just like with grapes or apples. To pass our quality standards, the tobacco must not only be of good quality, it must also have a good chemical composition without high levels of undesirable substances. Every raw material purchase is analyzed. There is no contract if the specifications are not met.

From shovelful to the analysis lab

In addition to screening the tobacco itself, we also screen the soil in which it grows. If we suspect that the cultivation soil contains heavy metals, we put a shovel into the ground and fill a glass container with soil. This soil sample then travels around the planet to Swedish Match’s laboratory. There, both the soil and the tobacco itself is analyzed. This is because the tobacco plant takes up undesirable substances from the earth, in the same way other crops do.

Sustainability and raw tobacco

All acquisition of raw tobacco must include activities aimed at improving the social, ethical and environmental conditions in regions where the tobacco is purchased.

Since the end of 2013, Swedish Match has commissioned an independent company to perform audits that cover social responsibility in tobacco production. Through training and audits, the collaboration facilitates steady improvements in CSR issues among our suppliers while simultaneously creating a platform for constructive dialog between the supplier and Swedish Match’s raw tobacco buyers.

A strict ingredients policy

To avoid the undesirable substances that we mentioned earlier, our snus has undergone radical changes in how it is manufactured. In addition to different tobacco blends, we use various flavor and aroma additives to retain the flavors of our snus.

We only use food-approved flavor and aroma additives in our snus, all of which must comply with Swedish Match’s strict ingredients policy. Many aromas can contain several different substances. We analyze each individual substance and account for all substances in all our products. Even here, we are tougher than what is required by the Swedish Food Act.

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