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Questions & Answers

The snus can & assortment

Is snus with high nicotine content always stronger than snus with low nicotine content?

The actual nicotine content in the snus is not always the same as the perceived nicotine strength. Several correlating factors affect how strong you perceive the snus to be, such as the pH level of the snus, its moisture content and the format of the portion. Absorption rates vary from person to person too. The nicotine content indicated in the List of ingredients is therefore not conclusive. For example, Catch Dry Licorice Mini has a nicotine content of 1.5%, while General White Portion has a nicotine content of 0.8%. Nonetheless, both products are categorized as “normal strength” since the pouch used for Catch Dry weighs less, is drier and has a lower pH level, which means that it delivers a lower amount of nicotine than the standard White portion.

This is why it its best to read what is said on the can if you want to know if the perceived strength is “Normal”, “Strong”, “Extra Strong” or “Super Strong”. Here you can read more about how we assess the strength of a snus. You can also use the filters to find a snus of a certain strength here

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