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Questions & Answers

The snus can & assortment

What does snus from Swedish Match contain?

All our snus is made with selected types of tobacco, water, various salts and aroma substances. Snus production in Sweden has been regulated by food legislation since 1971 and today, there are strict limits regarding the levels of undesirable substances in the finished products – just as for other Swedish food. Only food-approved ingredients are used in snus and production is carried out in plants that are hygienically designed for food processing facilities. Snus contains the following ingredients:

Water: for texture.

Tobacco: contains nicotine and gives the product its characteristic flavor and aroma.

Salt: flavor enhancer and preservative, which contributes to extending the shelf life of snus.

Humectant: a substance that is added to prevent the snus from drying out. Also has a certain preservative effect since it lowers the water activity in the finished product and thereby inhibits bacterial growth.

pH stabilizer: used primarily to maintain a slightly basic pH level, which makes it easier to absorb nicotine.  It also gives the snus its characteristic flavor and aroma, and extends the shelf life of the snus.

Aromas: they give the different products their characteristic flavor and scent, and are made of natural or synthetic nature-identical aroma substances that are approved for use in food. This also includes smoke aromas.

Sweeteners (only in certain products): give various products a balanced sweetness, characteristic flavor and scent.

Plant fibers (only in certain products): a filler that makes the portion softer.

See the full list of ingredients by product here.

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