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Ingredients in snus

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We make Swedish snus from selected tobacco varieties, aroma substances, salts, water and humectants. All ingredients are approved for use in food and conform to our own strict ingredients policy.

Our selected tobacco

There are many different types of tobacco. At Swedish Match, we have determined after many years of experience that the two types best suited to making snus are Nicotiana Tabacum and Nicotiana Rustica. They have different flavors and characteristics, and are available in local varieties with specific properties. Swedish Match never uses genetically modified tobacco.

Aroma substances give snus its flavor

In addition to the various tobacco blends, we add different flavor and aroma substances to our snus recipes. These aroma substances, combined with the tobacco blend used in the recipe, are what give each product its individual flavor. Our recipe for General includes , among other ingredients, bergamot oil, while we use lavender and juniper berry aroma to add flavor to Göteborgs Rapé. It probably goes without saying that the exact combination in each can is a company secret. 

The role of salt in snus

The salt in snus has two functions. Not only does salt play a key role in enhancing the flavor, it also has a preservative function

From potash to baking powder

We sometimes talk about pH levels in snus. Few know why it is important that snus is basic, the opposite to acidic. A basic snus has two advantages. First, it is important in how the snus is experienced. The nicotine in a basic snus is more easily absorbed through the mucous membrane, delivering the effect expected from Swedish snus. Second, but no less important, it prevents the snus from rotting.

In the 19th century, potash (potassium carbonate) was added to make the snus more basic. Today, we add sodium carbonate, or E 500, which is the name of the approved food additive. E 500 is commonly called baking powder, an everyday ingredient in bread and baked goods.

Fresh and moist

Water is added to the snus mixture during production to give the snus texture and moisture while also acting as a humectant. Propylene glycol, or food additive E 1520, is also added to retain the moisture and consistency of the snus. Restrictions regarding E 1520 levels are regulated in instructions issued by the National Food Agency in Sweden.

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